My father was a very avid beer drinker so I was touring the breweries by the time I was 5 years old. Wisconsin was a prime choice for our family vacations growing up so we toured almost every brewery they had to offer at least once a year. You have to remember back in those days there was no such thing as Micro Brewery unless you consider Schlitz or Pabst Micro. Since great traditions should never die I have continued this tradition on to this day. . I now also LOVE to tour microbreweries, and have become quite fond of many micro brews. I love a variety of brews and no beer is my enemy (except anything from Annheuser Busch
Well now that you know about my beer tastes here is a little more about me. I was born and raised in Indiana, I moved away when I was 19 to explore the world. I did some travelling and ended up in Phoenix Arizona. From there I joined the Army at 21 where I spent some time in Germany ( Talk about good beer). I was an Army reservist for 8 years. I eventually came back to Indiana to settle down. I am a jokester, prankster, and beer drinking son of a bitch. I am a 2 time beer Olympic champion on the Sonic Death Monkeys team. I am not a sports fanatic or fan really at all. I will however play any odd sport that involves drinking beer or hitting people with flying objects. I cant sing to save my life but I can get up on karaoke night and make a complete ass out of myself without even thinking twice about it. I enjoy good beer, good booze, and great friends. We tend to surround ourselves with people who have like interest. Which is what landed me into the podcasting circuit.

Podcasting: Well I got my Start in the podcasting scene as a regular guest on the now off the air The Free Beer Express. I was eventually approached by my childhood friend who was half of the creators of the FBE to become an official cast member. Well I thought why not get to drink with friends and talk about drinking with friends sure sign me up. Well it was a wild ride and after countless drinks and many good memories the curtains closed on the FBE in July 2015. The creators went on to pursue other avenues leaving the 3 later additions of the FBE to decide its fate. We decided that to honor it and to allow for our own creativity to be utilized we fully that we would create a new and completely unusual format for a new podcast. So after several beers, shots, and a lot of head scratching the concept for Blind Pig Confessions was born. I am now no longer a co-host but a founding father of what is sure to be one of the most entertaining and enjoyable podcasts you could ever feast your ears upon. Prohibition was an exciting, dark, fascinating, and history altering time in American all rolled into one. We are excited to tie this infamous era into our normal drinking, and crazy antics. They can make our booze illegal but we will always find ways to partake. Drink On My Friends !

Thank you everyone for listening to us on the Blind Pig Confessions ….. Dr. Chris Jordan

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